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I would really love a better documentation of the process to update between versions. eg a video showing where each folder must go, which of the generic remotes must be re-imported through Cubase, not just changed in the folder etc. I’ve done it a couple of times but I still seem to have trouble… eg - the documentation doesn’t say what to do with the “Data by Library” and Expression Maps folders

Hi Colin

sorry if it is not clear but the answer is simple

if you are just using completely the new version 2.4.0 you need to restart like the first time the install process with the data of the new version

If that helps, download again flow+ create a new version and follow the installation documentation step by step

does this help?

Thanks Marco
my point is that no-where in the documentation does it say what to do with the “Data by Library” and Expression Maps folders. Its clear what to dodo with the Data folder content and the remotes for importing, but I assume that the data by library folder must have new files given that more libraries have been added. I started with flow 1, and added the data folder contents for 2.0. My Flow application still says 1.03 as the json files have not changed ie V2 is not a new install, it added to V1…
Screen Shot 2021-12-24 at 10.28.57 am

Ultimately the ideal solution both for Marco and the Flow Customers would be if there was actually an installer program that could take care of both the install and the update of flow. But I realize there is significant work attached to creating a robust installer / updater.


Hi Colin

the version of Flow+ is independent from the version of the template…
the version you see there changes when there is a new release that adds functionality to Flow+, just adding data will not change it

To resume
there are actually two products
Flow+ : version changes with new features on the app
Flow template: version changes with new libraries

Hope it helps

Hi Emmanuel

this is absolutely right…

I am getting a new dev in 2022, I will see what I can do with him

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I just implemented a new feature in the new Flow+ 1.1.0 to import the data

Looks great - I won’t get to look at it until next week though

Marco. I would love to test the new import feature. I just purchased the upgrade to version 2.4.

I am currently running Flow 2.2.0 and I want to upgrade. Can I upgrade without throwing away the personalized Cubase template I have built ? (Can I do the install steps for 2.4 using my existing Cubase file based on 2.2.0) ?

Thanks in advance Marco

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Hello emmanuel,

this is a free upgrade of Flow+ OSC app,
Just download the new version from your account and install it, then you can import the libraries you need with the new function