Flow+ 1.1.0 released! Import data function :)

Hi there

Many of you have asked for it

There is now an import data function in Flow+

That you can use to reset the imported data and to import all or just some of the libraries in your template

This will definitely simplify the installation procedure

Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

Hi Marco,

On Mac the Import data function in flow+ does not open the Finder in OSX to select the right path for the specific Data folder



Hi Erwin
there is no folder selection window, just copy and paste the folder address into the field


I must be doing something wrong, but on a Mac, I can’t enter the folder location. I’ve tried many derivations, as there is no C:/ drive:

/Users/me/Downloads/Flow.cv Professional/03 Flow+

does nothing … I’m stumped at this. I’m sure there is a simple solution :slight_smile:
thanks for any help to if you managed to solve this @evmp

“addendum”: I got it working by using the previous install method of manually copying the folders into the Flow+ directory

One of the useful and hidden options in your context menu lets you directly copy the path of a file to your clipboard.

Since it’s hidden by default, it won’t appear when you right-click on a file on your Mac.

However, unhiding the option is pretty easy all it takes is pressing and holding down the Option key. This will make the option visible in your context menu, to use the option, right-click on your Flow+ folder in the finder, hold down the Option key on your keyboard, and you’ll see the Copy "file-name.ext"as Pathname option. Click on it to copy your file’s path and past it into the Folder location from the Import data menu in Flow+

Best regards Erwin


Brilliant, thank you @evmp , I learn new things every day.

I have been doing other things for a couple of months and finally come back to doing some music. I can see that Marco has been busy and created a really cool looking update. Can someone please publish an “upgrade guide” that takes step by step through what needs to be copied or replaced in the existing installation (on a mac), and how to test a new version without losing the one I have working now? Ideally this guide would be in the Readme file of a release.

Is there an up to date list of 4 letter codes?

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