Folder Communication issue

Hi Marco, Im getting the same problem as listed in this thread

However after removing all the generic remotes and reconfiguring the midi Im still cant get the folders to open. Sync is switched on and when i click on the midi tracks in Nuendo 12.0.3 the articulations do change in Flow . Its just the folders and zoning in on the selected midi tracks in flow doesnt allow selection in Nuendo. I have had the setup working before many times on a previous computer so I know ive got everything connected as I normally have it. Its just now im on a new M1 Max computer running Mac OS Monteray 12.5. and im now running VEP version 7.0.1120 on a server machine. They are the only things that are changed about my setup. Any suggestions.? Thanks :slight_smile: PS Im using OSC v1.15.7 as I cant use the latest version of OSC due to being on OS Monteray and the file structures not being recognised. Im also using the latest version of Professional 2.3.0 and Flow+ 1.1.0. It should be noted that when i click on the folder to open or close in Flow, i am getting a signal meter response on the selected midi track in Nuendo, just nothing happens after that. All other communications seems to be working, for example if i manually select BBCSO Piccolo flute track in Nuendo and then find it in flow, and then turn on the track, it indeed turns on in VEP with all the articulations working as normal, it also turns off as desired. It is, as mentioned just the opening and closing of folders and the subsequent selection of tracks in Nuendo that is not working. Im getting no error messages in OSC either. Thanks.

Hi, Ive solved it, apologies for the previous long email. I had to move the Flow Logical Editor Presets from the Path described in the installation setup guide to - Users/myname/Documents/Steinberg/Nuendo/User Presets/Project Logical Editor.
Must be a new file location in the latest version of nuendo as ive not had to do that before. Anyway its working now :slight_smile: Thanks

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