Flow communication issues with Cubase? [SOLVED]

hello there, I got the BBCSO version and the flow license. Configured everything as in the Flow 2 installation guide. Somehow the Flow is not able to control the Cubase. But if I click a midi track in Cubase, it shows the details of the same in the flow interface. I also made sure the generic remote is set up correct. What other thing might have gone wrong ?

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Hello Rahul and welcome in the community!

Can you tell exactly which actions are not working? since based on the action I can understand better what the issue might be.


Hello Marco Thanks !
The folder open/close etc are not working.
Plus anything that’s intended to be the macros or project logical editor doesn’t seem to work.
Should there be only the Flow contents in the PLE ? I already had some other Entries within the PLE.
Would that be a problem ? Just a thought.

One more thing to add here.
The bi-directional system doesn’t seem to work. Cubase to OSC works but not OSC to Cubase !

I removed all Generic Remotes and re-added them and reconfigured the midi-ins and outs.
Now its working :slight_smile:
Thanks !!!

Hi Rahul
the generic remote is the only reason explaining such an issue :slight_smile:

now enjoy composing with Flow :slight_smile: