Working on different projects with Flow Template

I guess this one is a part-tip, part-question post:

Back in 2019 when working with Flow (the first one) there were 2 ways for VEP to load up the tracks that were used per project:

  1. Save a VEP file per project (each file takes up 400-500mb)
  2. On each track that is supposed to be enabled: record a MIDI value of 0 on CC125 a few bars before the beginning of the project

Currently I’m sticking to option #2 since I don’t have enough disk space to handle additional 500GB per Cubase project.

I was wondering if anyone in the community has a different approach?

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Hi Stepan,

I am not fan of the one template always on because in the end I like to make tweaking on the instruments which makes it hard to be reusable.

we should distinguish two phases:

  • the phase of composition, where you don’t aim for perfection and actually you should not even think about it, so at this stage you could use one template, always the same that you share

  • for the rendering phase then you will need to have one template dedicated. Also because you want to store the changes done so that in a future you can make again the rendering

PS for backup, when you zip the vienna file it gets compressed a lot, specially if you use 7zip


So probably both the approaches are valid and need to be used.

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Hi Marco, this sounds like a good approach - I tried it and it worked fine, so I’ll stick to that in the future.

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