VEP Pro 7 on a slave machine

I am trying to install and configure Flow Pro with a Cubase 13 machine on Windows 10 Pro. I am confused by the installation guide regarding setting the style in O-S-C to flow.css (which I cannot find anywhere)

Also confused by the import step 5.1. Import data from Flow template. Could you please elucidate? (I do not have a pre-existing version of Flow). Thanks

Hi there!
welcome to Flow and here some help!

you can set the CSS via the theme option at OSC startup clicking on the folder icon

the file is located in the Flow+ zip you have downloaded in this location

Import data

1 Click on the database icon

2 paste into the Folder input the location from the Flow.CV zip with the template pointing to the location of 03 Flow+ folder (see example below) then PRESS ENTER!

3 Click import All button below or just import a few libraries you want to get into the app to manage

Then just stop OSC and start it again, now you can manage the libraries you imported inside the app

at any moment you can just do a reset and change the content of the app

Hope it helps, if not let me know more in details what is blocking you

Kind regards,