VEP hangs loading WOODS-03 Channel 2 of 9

Hello Marco,

just installed 2.4.0.

When loading the new project file, VEP hangs loading WOODS-03, Channel 2 of 9.
This is reproducible.

Could you please take a look? What is Channel 2 of WOODS-03?


When loading 2.3.0 everything is ok. WOODS-03 does not make any problems here.
Might be OBW1 Solo Alto Flute? I do not have OBW1. Maybe the channel is not disabled in the project by default?

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Thanks Martin for notifying

indeed there were a few instances activated in the Vienna template

now it is ok, but you need to download it again


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Awesome. VEP project file loads up now without hanging.
Thank you. :slight_smile:

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