Starting cubase problem

hello marco, I noticed that since I installed FLOW 2 in cubase 12 and 13 pro that cubase takes a long time to open, it stays frozen on WINRT for 2 minutes then stays frozen on the steinberg hub for 3 minutes, is there anything I can do?

Hi Alexandr

thanks for sharing this since I was already investigating on it, it also happened to me as soon as I have installed Cubase 13

I have discovered the root cause, it is linked to the project logical editor, it seems Cubase 13 is processing those slower than the previous versions (I never had this issue with 12)

So I would suggest that, till I don’t find a root cause and a fix, you can remove from Cubase/User Presets/Project Logical Editor/Flow folder the “tracks” folder which has really a lot of presets and I have seen that without it is much faster (and you an also remove the generic remote of flow_2)

As a consequence, you will not be able to use the actions on the track, which I suppose is not a big deal (I was actually thinking to remove the feature at all due to the amount of generic remotes needed compared to the value it creates, I have personally never used it…)

Hope this helps