[SOLVED] Problems synching Flow+ and Cubase Folders

Hi, I am having problems connecting Flow+ to Cubase. The folder structure is not synching if I select a folder or group in Flow+ I can see the midi activity light in Cubase but nothing changes in the folder structure in Cubase.

If I select a track in Cubase I can see the articulations in Flow+ so some of it is working just not the folder synching. I read an earlier post where someone had the same problem and reset the Generic Remotes. I have tried this several times but with no success. I did have another remote device linked to Cubase using Generic remotes previously (a Streamdeck although it was using different Loop Midi ports) so I wasn’t sure if this was causing a conflict. I have since removed this along with the ports out of LoopMidi. I do still get a error when loading Cubase to indicate there is something in Cubase mapped to one of these old ports but I cant find it in Cubase as now the only Generic remotes are the Flow+ ones.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I cant think what else to try. I have also paid for a support session but have not yet heard anything about this?

Hi There,
I have sent you last week an email with proposal dates to meet, can you please check and reply there?


Hi Marco

Yes I replied that today at 4:30 UK time I think is 5:30 your time would be great.

Please send the meeting link.


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