[SOLVED] Folders in Cubase do not react

Hi there,

i have installed everything and I have no error-messages at all.
My Folders in Cubase do not react to Foow+ (in both directions)

BUT! Expression Maps and Quick Control do react to Flow when I select them in both applications manually…
I hope someone can help me!

Hi Simon,
I believe here the issue can be

  • the logical presets, have you put them in the right folder?
  • the generic remote, have you setup the right input and output like in the picture? (be careful since they are inverted)
    Are you using Cubase 11 or 12?

Let me know

Hi Marco,

I use Cubase 12,
i have fixed it by myself. I had token the folder in to the user-preset of cubase like one other user described it in this forum. No it works fine.

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Enjoy :slight_smile: