[SOLVED] Flow+ Folders seem not to Sync to Cubase and odd instrument tab behavior


I installed Flow+ with Cubase 10.5 pro and VSL7 running on the same mashine. I only use the BBCSO Template.

When starting Flow+ following information comes up:

When closing it:

Template and Articulations, Keyswitches, Macros work fine in Flow+ but the folder-management behaves odd.

The Brass folder in Flow+ seems to work as some kind of global control. Opening the Brass-Folder opens all in Cubase.

The other folders don’t do anything.

Moreover, in the intrument tab the small buttons randomly mute / solo / hide / show tracks (usually not the track selected). Sometimes even mute all / solo all I couldn’t find a pattern here.

Please help,

Hi Richard

the warning is not really an issue, and should be gone if you save the project (before loading anything)

it seems that the problem is the generic remote, can you please check that you assigned the right ones as described in the documentation?
check that you load the right file and that you set right the input and output

let me know

You where wright, GenCon 1 was setup incorrectly. I’ve double checked it several times before, but for some reason it was still wrong. Thanks for your help.

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