[SOLVED] Cubase 12 Pro..compatibility issues?

Hi Marco:
Flow wil be compatible with new Cubase 12 Pro?
I saw in reviews that “generic remote” devices will be discontinued. And probably the project logical editor files from Flow, will have problems?


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Indeed. Would be great to know. I for one will not upgrade to Cubase 12 for now as I am very dependent on Flow for my daily work.

Maybe the new Midi remotes can be a good thing mid term for flow.

Hi Jaime, can you point to the documents that mention this?

From what I see it is still in Cubase 12, and will probably still be there for a couple of major versions (and years)
there are so many things that you can do only with generic remote that they seriously cannot discontinue them before being sure that the community has already all implemented a new solution


I saw in a forum days ago. It looks like will be discontinued, but still is there.


do you think Flow is compatible with Cubase 12? There are things in version 12 I would like to use but I was waiting to get confirmation before upgrading as I am very dependent on Flow today and cannot afford to work without it :slight_smile:

I don’t see any reason why it should not be compatible, but if you want to be cautious better wait for someone to confirm it, I will do it in the next days too and then come back with a confirmation

Thanks Marco. Will wait to hear back before I upgrade. But I agree on paper it should work.

I just upgraded to Cubase 12 and everything seems to be working ok. The only thing I had to do was re-assign the 4 Generic Remotes, which v12 still lets us do, although it clearly shows that in the future they will move to a different Midi Remote setup (I don’t know anything about that yet).

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hi Thanks for confirming

importing again the generic remotes and the presets file is normal since it is a new version, (was the same for the previous ones)

Kind regards

I note in 12.0.30 that deprecation of generic remotes is now flagged in the setup screen :frowning:
I also use MIDI Kinetics C-Brain and they have released a MIDI remote version.