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It would be amazing if you could not only browse through the database in the search window of Open Stage Control, but also jump to that particular element in Cubase by clicking on it.

For example:
If I write “Flute” in the search bar and press on “(wsh).SBBC Bass Flute”, Bass Flute track gets automatically selected in Cubase.
One step further: If I write “Tremolo” in the search bar and press on “(set).SAL1 Strings/ Tremolo”, not only does the track get selected in Cubase, but also switches to tremolo!

I don’t how much harder it would be to realize the second part as well - so just the first part itself would be great already!

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Hi Stepan
thanks it is a great idea, I will add it in the roadmap for one the release of April!
It will surely improve the workflow


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