Removing / adding libraries

So, having removed all the unwanted libraries from Cubase and VEPro, I am now thinning the folders:

  • I have deleted all the folders except Macros and System.
  • Putting back the libraries I want, and on a mac; I can´t move/interlace the folder structure. Meaning, do I need to manually drag each and every folder content to the Flow+ folders structure?

Is there a tip to make all the folders find their place in this folder:

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Hi Henrik,

that would require writing a macro or a short program to do so for you
If you do not have those skills you just have not option than drag and drop the libraries you have in the template

Some dummy work, but to avoid repeating it zip the data folder at the end and put it somewhere safe. You never know :slight_smile:


Right, got it… ! Maybe a good time to learn som macros;-)


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