Reducing templates

In the “removing libraries …” video we are shown how to reduce a template to a single library in Cubase, Vieana and then the Flow template. However, it is unclear how to deal with a subset rather than a single library, eg a selection of Spitfire and Native Instruments libraries. The instructions state

To reduce the data shown in Flow + to the libraries you want remove all the content of the data folder in Flow+ except those two:

  • macros
  • system

Now go in the data by library folder of the template project, for each of the library you want to keep, copy its content inside the data folder of Flow+.

However, what doing we do with multiple libraries? Do we need to transfer the content of each library’s sub folders (Vendors, faders, instruments etc) into those named folders under data? or can we simply place each Library folder in there, eg SSAS, NSSE? I recall seeing something that lets one build from the ground but now cant find it

Hi Colin

Since the release of the new version of Flow you don’t need to do this anymore since there is an import function

check this post