Post the picture of your studio with FLOW here

Hi There,

I would like to make promotion of Flow using pictures of how it is used in studio by users,
I will start sharing mine, feel free to share yours :slight_smile:

Here is mine!
Using it with a touch screen Hannspree HT225

Nice. How do you like the Hannspree ? I am looking for a large touchscreen myself that can be angled,as an iPad even a large one is too small for Flow 2

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Also Marco what is the make of your desk ?

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Hi Emmanuel

I find this touch screen really good, just take the anti glare model (I did not do it and I regret)

my desk is this one


Lenovo IdeaCenter computer I picked up at an estate sale for $3.00.
Built the desk out of a piece of red oak plywood and Ikea legs.

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Nice setup, and I have the same lamp :wink:

What do you use for the controller on the left close to your mug?

Trying out the Expressive E Touché. It controls 4 MIDI CC’s with the palm of your hand. The Lié software it uses is powerful and has lots of preset patches. Great company with an interesting future.
Similarly, you can just make out the mouth piece of the TEControl hanging up underneath. It controls 4 MIDI CC’s but the TEC is hands free.
Good times.

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Here a nice video of a recent composition from @evrim.leventler :smiley:
I love the music!!
He is using a touch screen, I think most of us are now moving out from tablet to touch screen.