Orchestral Tools Metropolis ARK is now in Flow

Hi there,

I am happy to share that Metropolis ARK is finally in Flow, this is something that has been requested since a long time and finally it is done!

As always, existing users can purchase the upgrade from the upgrade section of the shop, or new users can decide to get it via the Professional Bundle or the Orchestral Tools Edition Bundle.

Do not forget to login to see the discounted price applied for any existing user!

Metropolis Ark adds about 200 more tracks to the template, it is a monster work, hope you will enjoy and find it useful!


Hi Marco,

I’ve downloaded the upgrade from Flow Professional 3.0.0 and am trying to import the ARK-series in to my existing template. Please could you check the Vienna Instance M-ARK 0-1-2-4? because it’s empty there is no content…



Hi There,

I confirm the vienna file is ok in the build, many users have already started to use it
what exactly do you see in it?

The other Instances are good but this one although connected contains only the Masterbus

Hi Marco

I’m importing the Ark Series from the Flow 3.0.0.cpr via track presets in Cubase

When selecting the OMA midi tracks together with the applicable track instruments what happens when the import is done, I get some additional midi tracks from the other library’s…although not selected during the import.

Furthermore when selecting only the Track instruments for importing the first one loads in a decoupled state.

I’m importing the library into a Template without the Flow integration

Hi Erwin,
The instances of Vienna are fine, I have double checked.

What I suggest is that you open the original vienna file where all is ok, you save the instance, then load your template and load the instance into the empty one,
all will be loaded in it as it should be

Kind regards,