One button to purge them all

I’d really like a way to purge all the samples for an instrument in Vienna - ie all the instances of Kontakt that may cup the articulation set. I find that I load up a lot of samples while composing that aren’t needed in the final version and myself system is relatively small. I don’t know if theres a command that will do it…

Hi Colin,

if you like to purge all instruments in one kontakt instance in one vep instance, you can use the global purge:

Unfortunately “global” is not as global as it could be :frowning:
I’m not sure, if it is possible to automate this across multiple kontakt instances across multiple VEP instances.

I’ve read some posts at VSL and NI with feature requests on that, beginning years ago. Maybe you should search for those and give it a “+1” :slight_smile:

Hi Martin and Colin

unfortunately there is no automation provided by Kontakt for this, so no way to have a button somewhere else to do the job, only way is doing it instance by instance

The update sample pool is also an interesting one, since it will keep in memory only the latest sounds you have used (not sure how it works but I find it gives good results)