Official setup documentation

Here you can find the official documentation for setting up Flow 2

or you can watch this video that will guide you through the entire process

Hi, Marco.
The Flow+ looks fantastic. I have seen the video and I am impressed. One small question - is there any possibility to change the colour of the item in the Folder track or Instrument track that I have picked up? I mean if I open several folders in the Folder window for example it would be nice to see in the Folder window what I have opened. Or when I click on the visibility icon or filter icon the colour of the opened icons would be different so I would see immediately what icon I have opened. It would be more transparent. What do you think about it? Thank you for the answer. Marek

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Hello Marek

thanks for the feedback, the icon of the object is already changing depending if the folder is open or closed, I would like to avoid playing too much with colors

For the filters the filtering objects are also shown in the master toolbar

I think what you ask for is already covered, but if you have more concrete use case let me know