Now available: How to add data in Flow+ tutorial :)

Hi All

that was quite a complex one to do, but I think last night I managed to explain in a simple way how to add libraries in Flow+ application

Let me know what you think

Text version available here


Hi Marco,

Think you did a great job, well done explanation :+1:



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Great! I’m looking now.
Question: i dont have a “templates” folder in Project logical editor, in 2.0.1 version…
Will add in a new version?

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Indeed it is in the 2.1.0 that was just released last night :slight_smile:

Hey Marco,

Great video! Here are some questions

You said in your video that you are gonne make some tools for making adding your own libraries/flow+ integration easier. Now i’m(and others i guess) are gonna be a big fan of that. Could you explain what this tool will do and will it be helpfull for now to get acquainted with the process of adding flow+ integration by hand? Or will that be unnessecary?

Have a nice one!

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Hi Alex

I am sure you and others are interested :slight_smile:
that tool already exists and is what I use to build the template.

There is a central database in excel, and in 10 seconds I generate all the json data, expression maps, logical presets and generic remote…

Now I am thinking about how to make this available.
Initially I thought I would not, cause this is my intellectual property, the engine behind flow. But more and more I am thinking that Flow is an open project and I should make this available.

For users who will add one or two libraries I think they can still work with the manual process

But for power users continuously growing their libraries this tool is a must have.

I believe I could work on it and release it during the month of April, the excel file together with the tool with one license.

Let me know what you think

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Hey marco,

Here are my two cents on your idea of releasing/selling the excel central database that you created. Maybe you will appeal to more people that way if they are looking for a system the can customize themselves more easily. Of course the people here are gonna be super happy to have a tool like that at their exposure and have a fast/easy way to build their system just the way they want.

Keep it up!

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Is easy to answer that: 10 seconds with your tool… vs HOURS doing the same process manually (each library)!


Ok, it seems I should really start looking how to make this become a product, because as it is now is not robust enough to be used by someone else who does not know the code :slight_smile:

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Well Jaime,
in any case the cubase and vienna templates need to be created, and data needs to be input in the excel file and maintained, but of course you save lot of time specially the ability to regenerate everything from scratch

I’ll start to investigate and build something that can be distributed and work for the others


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