No vst3 support in VEPro?

I bought FLOW for the BBC Symphonic Orchetra from Spitfire Audio.
Everythong is working, but in VEPro, BBC Sympony Orchestra is not detected and thus not working.
If I then add the VST3 plugins folder in the VEPro settings (C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3)
The plugins are not found.
I contacted VSL and tjey responded with the following:
“Thank you for your email. We are working on VST3 support for VE Pro, but I can not give you an ETA at the moment.
Just make sure to keep an eye on our newsletter if you don’t want to miss any news about this.”

I suspect that I’m not the only one with this problem?
Maybe there’s a workaround?

Everything else is working, so I can manipulate my folders and everything in Cubase thru OSC.
I just can’t activate my instruments in VEPro, simply because the plugin is not detected.

Hello Freddy,

Just use Spitfires own player in VEP-7 and everything should work fine


Tnx for your reply Erwin.
I’ve been looking around for the BBC player, but the only thing I seem to find for the BBC Symphony Orchestra sits in the folder C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3

Maybe a hint where to find the Spitfire Player? :smiley:

Hi Freddy,

Think you didn’t install the AU version when you installed the library? just go to the Spitfire Audio download manager in the Settings menu you can find the location of the AU Install Path on your computer if it doesn’t exist try to install it again

Good luck,


Hi Freddy,
I don’t think there is really an issue with BBC since I and others can load it in vienna without issues

If that can help, this is the folders setting I am using to load the plugins, I remember it took me some time to find the right one to make BBC appears too after a recent reinstall on my new computer

Hope it helps!


Hi Marco and Erwin,

This solved the issue.
I was able to add all folders from the picture above (except C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST2 , this folder doesn’t excist on my pc so it seems )
But now everything works.
So now I’m going to watch the video on how to take advantage of the new Flow

Thanks very much, you guys have been very helpfull