New Flow 2.4.0 + limited forum discount!

Hi there,
I am happy to share that Flow 2.4.0 is finally out
It was a real long work to implement all the Berlin series but finally here it is, it contains both SINE and Kontakt version (because I am sure most of you will keep on using the Kontakt version for some time)

This coupon code 15% OFF is valid for the first 5 orders and I am sharing it only in this forum

You can purchase the update via this product as last time

Libraries added:

  1. OBOR – Berlin Orchestra (Kontakt)
  2. OBWW – Berlin Woodwinds (Kontakt & SINE)
  3. OBWA – Berlin Woodwinds Additional Instruments (Kontakt)
  4. OBWX – Berlin Woodwinds SFX (Kontakt)
  5. OBW1 – Berlin Woodwinds Soloists 1 (SINE)
  6. OBW2 – Berlin Woodwinds Soloists 2 (SINE)
  7. OBBR – Berlin Brass (Kontakt & SINE)
  8. OBBA – Berlin Brass Additional Instruments (Kontakt)
  9. OBBM – Berlin Muted Brass (Kontakt)
  10. OBBX – Berlin Brass SFX (Kontakt)
  11. OJXB – Junkie XL Brass (SINE)
  12. OBPR – Berlin Percussion (SINE)
  13. OBSS – Berlin Symphonyc Strings (SINE)
  14. OBST – Berlin Strings (Kontakt & SINE)
  15. OBS1 – Berlin Strings Special Bows I (Kontakt & SINE)
  16. OBS2 – Berlin Strings Special Bows II (Kontakt & SINE)
  17. OBSX – Berlin Strings SFX (Kontakt)
  18. OBSF – Berlin Strings First Chairs (SINE)
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Forgot to mention that all this is fully modular and you will be able to import those libraries in your existing template,
will post soon a video and documentation of the process

Here is the tutorial!

Marco… THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!! for implementing Berlin. I did purchase professional but I didnt see the 15%… oops oh well… But I think you answered my question. I dont know how to β€œupgrade” from the BBCSO template to this professional template. I will await your video and documentation.

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Hi Kenny

unfortunately the 5 coupons were gone yesterday already :slight_smile:

here is the tutorial, a few users have already done the import successfully