My first library added to Flow2

Hi Marco:

Well, this is just to make you a little comment. I was experimenting, and thanks to your new videos and documents, i’m glad to announce, that i was be able to add my first library to flow…at least 1 track for now…just fooling around.

My approach was, to use a library that i don’t own (unused), and just to going replacing one by one the configuration files. The advantage of this, is i can start with many things already done, specially the “MIDI sends” stuff, project logical editors files, generic remotes, etc.

Obviously i need to edit all the JSON, and project logical editors involved, with the new information.

The only thing new, was to create a new instance in Vepro 7…but not totally, because i have all my channels sets backed up in my disks.

I need to complete the process, but this let me learn the “philosophy” of your impressive creation!


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Kudos! :dancer:

Start to modify existing libraries is indeed a great approach!

with the time I will release solution to simplify the creation of those files… a few ideas in mind.


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Great !
Waiting for the Same
Cheers !

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Good to hear… I was already working on some code to manage and programmatically generate these datasets. But I will then wait for your “official” solution.

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