Missing samples due to newer version of library

When I load the OT Special Bows in VEP it can’t find the samples, apparently because it is trying to load the older version that was called Exp A Special Bows, which has numerous individual folders and files, whereas the version I own, called ‘Special Bows 1’ and ‘Special Bows 2’ have .nkc and .nkx files containing the samples. When I point kontakt to those samples folders it does not find the samples. Similarly, when I load OBSS I get a message 'Mic Position File Missing. One or more file: Violins I Dynamics - Leader, AB, and SUR". I have the entire library downloaded to my drive but even when I re-search the library it cannot find these.

Hi Paul

I purchased the entire Kontakt version beginning 2021 and this is what I am using for Flow.
A few users are already using it with no issues so I was not aware that it existed a different Kontakt version


Can you post a picture from your kontakt files window so that I will contact OT support to understand the situation?


For the Berlin Symphonic Series

This is what I have downloaded from SINE, is it the same in your case?
Is there maybe some update to do on your side?

If the problem persists you can always reload the instrument in Vienna and save the template to solve the issue.

Hi Marco

Thanks for getting back to me. I think I tracked down what the issue is.

The version of Special Bows 1 and 2 I have is from a special package that Native Instruments sold called the Symphonic Textures Collection that included Special Bows 1 and 2 (violin, viola, cello, bass) and Time Micro and Time Macro.

I am attaching a screenshot that shows my OT folder with the sample folder from Special Bows 1 opened up. If you compare that folder to the Exp A sample folder you will see the difference.

Anyway, I just saw that you have included the SINE version of Special Bows in the VEP template so I think this is probably a non-issue now, as I can use that instead of the Kontakt version


I do own Special Bows 1 and 2 and First Chairs in SINE, as well as the four main Berlin collections, and WW soloists 1 and 2, but none of the other expansions (string SFX, Horn SFX, WW SFX, WW additional Instr., Brass additional Instruments, muted brass).

If they do another 40% off sale I will probably purchase those.



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Oh good news!
(I was scared to hear they had two versions of Kontakt…)

then it is best you use the SINE version for what you own, since those are also all part of Flow 1.4.0

Kind regards