Mic settings for surround sound

Hi, can you let me know how flow 2 is configured for microphone settings i.e for example spitfire close mics and ambient mics - i like to use the mic settings for ambient in my surround speakers. Is it possible for me to adapt the flow 2 setup to configure in this way. thanks.

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Hi Paul

for each instrument you can activate all the microphones which are available in the VST remotely from the app Flow+.
So you are free to use in the mix all the microphones you need.

In Vienna all the instruments are routed to the same output which is available in Cubase.

Each instrument is then routed in the Cubase mixer, more explanation is available here

Does it help?

Hi Marco, thanks for the quick reply, so Ive checked out the flow diagram and indeed it is setup for a stereo workflow operation. Im familar with how to route things in vepro and cubase for surround etc so i dont need help there, but i guess my question is how easy would it be for me to reconfigure the mixer setup you have configured so i can work in my usual 5.1 mode without disrupting any of your programming control of the vst’s. Is it possible do you think? thanks again Marco. paul. Hope this makes sense

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Hi Paul,

to help you on this I would need to understand what is that you need since I have not experience in setting up the surround.

Where will you need to change something? in Vienna Output or in Cubase mixer? Do you need separate output per microphone from Vienna?


Hi marco, thanks, ill have a little think about what it is i need and research a little more into how you have set things up and will get back to you. Thank you.

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