Loading speed tips?

Hi Marco. Could you give me any tips for maybe improving loading speeds of instruments in VEPro. Im using VEPRo on a mac pro server (2012 model, 96GB, 12 core) running Big Sur. My main writing machine/Nuendo 12 at present is a Macbook Pro 2021 M1 Max 64 GB. I am getting a couple of issues to do with audio dropouts, jumping legatos from VEPro but Im going to try changing thread counts later on today. Another issue is the amount of time it takes to load an instrument after activating it from Flow. Usually about 30 seconds but on occasion up to 1 minute. Is this normal? Im also going to try reducing the flow template and nuendo template to just the libraries Im using to see if that maybe improves performance across the board. Any tips from yourself would be welcome. Thanks.

Hi Paul

reducing the template won’t affect the performance
this time is mainly linked to the loading time from hard disk and putting in memory, of course also CPU has a play in it
So I would say that there is nothing you can improve withouth changing to fastest drives, RAM or CPU