Libraries names in VEPRO file

when I open the VEPRO file I get very strange names of the libraries. And in Flow I cannot manage VEPRO, I assume that it can relate to these names. Can anybody help me with the problem? Thank you very much.

Hello Marek, the names you have there are right
what exactly your issue is?

Are you using multiple Vienna server?
Have you increased the audio input and output of Vienna?

Let me know

Hi, Marco, thank you for your answer. I was confused because in your video on the left panel there are exact names of the libraries and I have there ORCHE-01, PERCU-01…
And on the other hand enabling and disabling libraries in VEPRO from Flow 2 does not work correctly so I don´t know where I made a mistake.
My answer on both of your questions is: I think yes. :slight_smile: