Issue with removing Libraries from Flow

I have just reinstalled Flow 2.2.0 from scratch and proceeded to follow the steps to remove teh libraries I do not have. Everything seems to work fine except for the fact that even though I have removed the OBSS library (probably Berlin Strings?) the tracks from this library still show up in Cubase as you can see in the screenshot.

Please note that I own 1 Berlin Library (JXL Brass)

I realize there are other libraries I do not own that show up in Cubase so I still need to go back to the tutorial and see what I did wrong. My list of libraries is correct in the flow+ application but in Cubase I still have tracks corresponding to libraries I do not own

Hi Emmanuel

if something went wrong you can always select them in Cubase and remove them manually
in the end is just a bunch of MIDI tracks :slight_smile: