I am having difficulty getting everything setup

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to read my post!

I’ve been having difficulty getting everything setup. I follow the instructions, and I have everything setup correctly, but I get no sound output, and can’t get anything loaded on my tablet.

I am not the most technically savvy person, and am having difficulty following the setup video, as I keep feeling like I’m missing a step, somewhere.

I don’t know where to begin with getting this fixed, and was told to post here, so… here I am!

Thank you,


First flow server. Push the start button on the flow server. Does a browser come up on your main computer? The one with the flow server on it? Once the server starts you should see the address you put into a chrome browser address bar. There are two, one for the server computer and one for the tablet that is on the same network. No chrome browser and it won’t work.
Things to check on cubase are if the Vepro instances are connected. Click the e on the VST racks OR tracks on the left side and you will see a connect dialog. Click connect and you should see the VEPro instance associated with the rack to select.
Let me know if that works

I will try that when I get home in a little bit, and let you know. Thanks for the feedback!

Trying it on a box with a fresh install of windows 10, I have to set up VEPro with few instances of EWHO and Kontakt first

I will have to wait on Spitfire Audio to contact me, their app isn’t downloading the BBC SO Core VST, and it says to contact support for a reset. I suspect it will be Monday before they get to me.