Generic Remote Control Limit

Discovered a limitation with Cubase when implementing all the Metropolis Ark libaries to Flow and wanted to mention. When you reach a certain number of generic remote controls added, it crashes Cubase. I advise adding extra midi ports in Loop Midi and starting a new generic remote from scratch if expanding your template with additional instruments / libraries.

This is the section I am talking about :slight_smile: if you add too many more, Cubase will crash.


i tryed to implement Ark too. But I run out of time, so I haven’t had this Problem yet.
So does it mean I do, for example, flow-4-in and flow-4-out as additional Midi port?

Kind regards Dominik

unfortunately Cubase cannot handle more than 256 per generic remote…
you will need to create and use another midi port with a new generic remote and it will be ok as Simon suggested


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Sorry my late reply, I haven’t been monitoring but yes, you just create new midi ports in loopmidi and a new generic remote in Cubase, have been using for months up to flow-5 now and no problems :slight_smile: