Generic Remote 3 in folder midi status wrong?!

Hi! When I Import Flow_actions_flow2(1).xml into Generic Remote 3 , the MIDI status is set to Poly Pressure, whereas in the installation document its set to Note on. Compare the Pictures.

generic remote 3

. Flow and Cubase doesnt communicate at all. Should I change the settings.
sincerely Mikael Landberg
PC, Cubase 12 Pro, Vienna Ensemble Pro 7

Hi Mikael

that was a mistake in the documentation I just uploaded the right picture
If cubase and flow+ are not communicating there might be an issue in the setup of the midi ports.

Please download again the cubase project from the original zip and open this one, if when it opens you receive a message that a port is missing make sure to select the right one from the list and save the cubase project

let me know if it is fixed

Thanks Marco! You now im so Excited just try making it work so I do some mistakes but when flow is up and running ill will go on and implement my Vienna Synchronized Instruments. Have a Nice Weekend Marco!
/Regards Mikael