Font size nad frame sizes

Hi! How can I change the default font sizes in Flow? Via CSS or?
I would like to have them bigger as I’m considering a touch screen.
Would also be nice to have adjustable frame sizes for articulation, folder/libraries and so on…
Regards Mats

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Hi Mats

you could do this through the CSS file if you have html/css coding knowledge, but not sure still it will work 100%, some of the font size are in the code and might not be overriden by CSS

I use Flow mainly from a 21 inches touch screen and I do not have any issue with the font size, the screen is located just below my main screen

In a way the screens are adjustable, you can do this by hiding the other ones.
Unfortunately there is no easy way in OSC to have screens that can be changed in dimension withouth going into deep coding

Hope this help :slight_smile:

Hi Marco! Thanks for letting me know. I have some coding knowledge, but it needs to be refreshed in that case. Will get the touch screen and see how that works out. I have added a number of libraries, both from scratch and reused the data from libs I don’t have (and probably will not buy) so I’m getting my head around the product and the dependencies between files.
Thanks for a great product and the effort you put into it!
Regards Mats

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