Flow show preset

Is there a possibility of.creating a preset or “scene” in Flow that saves the current state of visible tracks and libraries? Eg “just the spitfire brass and winds that I have” or “chamber plus solo strings”??

Something like a function where you recall a scenario that will make with one button visible only a predefined list of libraries?

Yes. Ideally a set of 8 or 16 “presets” but a single “home” configuration would be extremely useful. Cubase has a function to “show tracks with data” and save combinations of shown and hidden but I don’t know if they carry over between projects - I’m guessing not because projects are all different. With Flow projects being built from a template this would make more sense to come from Flow if its possible

Good idea,
there will be a new version of Flow in Q1 2022, I will surely take this in consideration