Flow Professional 2.3.0 released! Native Instruments and Cinematic Studio included

Hi There,

I am happy to announce the release of Flow Professional 2.3.0 which now includes:

  • Native Instruments Symphony Series (Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion, Strings)
  • Cinematic Studio Series (Woodwinds, Brass, Strings)

There is also a new page of the shop to help find the right product

For owners of Flow Professional this is an upgrade that comes at a cost of 34 €
A new product is added in the shop for doing upgrade, here it is

All those new libraries have been created with track and not rack, so you will be able to import them easily in your template if you already started to modify it, or if not, simpler just use the latest one

Hope you will enjoy :slight_smile:


Hi Marco,

i have two questions:

  • how can I download the differential? I actually can only download the whole template
  • can i import only the NI stuff to my customized template (will there be different importable xml files)?


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Impressive pace of development Marco. I have now had a chance to use Flow 2.2 on a larger orchestral project at Berklee and I was very impressed by the stability and effectiveness. I guess a more stable Flow also helps you in adding new libraries faster !

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Hello Martin,

I will soon make a doc and video for this but shortly here are the steps

  1. Open the new Vienna one and save the instances in an instance file (they have the name of the library)
  2. Now open your Vienna and Cubase template
  3. Load in Cubase all the expression maps of the libraries you want to add
  4. Use the Import from project function in Cubase and select all the tracks of the library (for example use the filter CSSS and select all the ones with this prefix)
  5. After importing you will see that the vienna instance is created but is empty and all the tracks have been loaded
  6. Finally in the empty Vienna instance just load the instance you previously saved

Finished :slight_smile:
It will take 5 minutes to import one library doing so.

Please do not forget to also change the presets and generic remotes with the new one


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Fantastic Emmanuel,

very happy to hear that you are enjoying it and using
I am using it also extensively and indeed I think is very robust!


Hi Marco, I’m a little confused on how to get the 2.3.0 upgrade, is it available as a free download/upgrade or is it a paid upgrade? Thank you.

Hi Paul

this is not a free update but as existing user you have an upgrade price which is 34 € (with vat)

Just login to see your price, this is the upgrade product

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Hello Marco,

awesome! Worked as easy as described. I had to rename some of the NI Brass FX Tracks in Cubase (see Bugtracker).

I own that NI stuff for a while. This is the first time, I play around with it. :slight_smile:

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Hi Marco,

Very excited to see the Cinematic Studio Series added!

Question to you or any CSS colleagues:
When adjusting the Microphone Faders in “Microphones” or “Quick Controls” the “Mix” fader works as intended, while the other faders (Close, Main, Room) don’t respond since in the Kontakt patch those mics are unloaded at the beginning.

Is there any way to turn on those mics without going extra into VEP?

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Unfortunately not,
The library just does not have this feature and I got a confirmation by a guy working on their support team

Annoying I know…

Yesterday I sent an email with a question about whether it was possible to connect to my computer and install the software for me.Of course for a fee. Because zoom will not really help me because I do not speak English well enough

check your inbox!