Flow (pro) - VEP Server Setup documentation

Hi Marco,

I wondered if you have any documentation listing how the sample libraries are setup with what articulation and midi channel/audio in VEP? (For the full version of flow)

I’ve found experimentally if I have an earlier version of a library (that I haven’t yet updated with the developer to match your version you set up or later) Kontakt can’t find missing samples then looses the setup of its instruments and midi and audio routing, and occasionally crashing. I know this is obviously a Kontakt / VEP issue but just wondered if you have a listing of how you have the patches setup if I need to recreate them from scratch?


Hi Edward,
what I do is simple, keep all libraries up to date before any new release.
If you ensure to update all your libraries before opening VEP file all should be ok then!

In any case, when the same version is not in place, you can still select from kontakt a file with a different date, and the plugin will still work, nothing will be lost. It happened to me and some users in the past to do this.

Does this help?

Kind regards