Create new vendor ID and generic remote procedure


I’m hoping to get little clarification.

Looking into ‘Flow 2 Adding Content to Flow+’, “If you need to create a new vendor object you need to map the new presets in the generic remote for flow-1-out”.

I’m not sure what that means.

Are you going to be adding this procedure to the documentation or is this in the Cubase documentation?

Any suggestions on how the to do this?

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this is for controlling the visibility of the specific vendor. If you add libraries from vendors that Flow has included, you do not have to do that.

I added for example a library from Vienna; so I had to add entries to the generic remote control.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the input. I actually did all of this until I got to the action section on the generic remote controller.
How did you create the show, hide, filter not Project Logical Editors?

Looking at the ones that are included in the Flow/data/presets/venders folders, I see where they belong. Opened one in the Code app and don’t have any idea how to build one or how it works, other than that it is tied to the Vendor v-json files channel and value.
Am I missing something obvious?


take a look at 5.2 of the “Adding Content…” Documentation. There is described, how to add custom PLE’s for Libraries from template. I used the Library-Templates to generate Vendor-PLEs.

In my case, I defined the following Codes for my Vienna Stuff.

So, the “Code” (for Parameter 1) is V in my case. For the PLE, i used “).V” to get all of the Vendor Vienna. So my PLE’s look like this:

I would recommend, to create a custom PLE Folder, so you can backup and restore your custom xmls.


In this folder, I created the same subfolders Marco did and moved my vendor xmls to the vendor folder:

Hope this helps.

Martin :slight_smile:

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Thanks Martin for the great explanation!

Maybe the only thing to add is that you can find the template for those actions in the presets folder of flow.CV product.
If you do not find them let me know and I will send via email


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Thank you for helping me find my way with this “read the manual” question.



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