Confused about upgrade process

Hi. I am trying to upgrade from Flow 2.0 to Flow 2.2.0.

In particular as it pertains to Cubase. It appears in v 2.2.0 the Cubase template has changed (I had understood it was going to be stable over time but it does not seem to be the case) and I have not found any documentation in the changelog that describes what I am supposed to do in terms of reinstall. Is it just about opening the new Cubase file v2.2.0 or do I need to redo all the install steps regarding presets, generic remotes, and expression maps ?

I have to admit I am struggling with the upgrades, especially since I had built my own template including my own specific hardware and software instruments and I have to redo everything from scratch…I wish there was a better way.

Hello Emmanuel,

If you started building your own template then unfortunately there is no easy way to do so, and you should ask yourself if is really needed to upgrade to 2.2.0

On the other side there is some research and development going on to improve this process and we are getting great results using the import function of Cubase, but is a concept that still needs to be waterproofed.
The idea is that in a near future Flow will just be as modular as Flow+, where you will be able to load a library with just a few actions.

Unfortunately we are hand tied because it depends on Cubase features, but with version 11 they have started to boos this on another level