Configuring UACC CC# possible?

Hi there,

does anybody know, if its possible to configure the UACC CCs? While trying to add Ricotti Mallets to the template, I realize, that UACC CC# aren’t correct configured.

For example Xylophone main and Xylophone hard have the same CC#



The “marimba” patch has 8 different articulations. All 8 of them are configured with CC#0!

Thanks for every tipp! :slight_smile:

Hello Martin

in some libraries you can, for example this one, you have a cog close to the name of the articulation

and when you click on it you have a full list you can choose from

In this case it seems you do not have the option, so why not to use keyswitch?


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Hi Marco,

thank again for your support. Works perfectly.

I liked the idea of using ​​UACC because I thought it would help me avoid accidentally switching articulations by playing the “wrong notes”. But now I’ve just noticed for the first time that the keys that are used in the expression map are not used when playing the keyboard :rofl:

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