[CLOSED] Server connection issue - Waiting for a fix from OSC

Hi All,

There is currently a bug of electron platform that does not permit to renew license (which happens in background every 10 days)

I already posted to open stage control to ask for a release ASAP, you can follow the discussion here

Meanwhile I recommend that you deactivate the connection when first launching FLOW so that you do not fall in the issue.
If you instead already had reset the license then unfortunately you must wait for this OSC fix

Hi Marco!
just downloaded the latest OSC build, v1.10.1. Still get error message when trying to active.

Any tips what to do?
Edit: 1.10.1 is removed from OSC site. Guess it wasn’t working…

Indeed, the first version uploaded had always the same version in the dependency
There is a new one uploaded but it does not start :slight_smile:

I am talking with him to have a stable release, I suggest to wait a bit and in any case I will post here when the incident will be closed

Will do that!
Thanks for quick responses!

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Latest update,

the new version 1.10.1 works but only if launched from a terminal, if still tomorrow we can’t find a fix to have it working properly as before then I will send you this new version and you can just use the terminal to execute it and works properly


For all those users who are blocked (cause license must be checked max every 10 days) you can install this new version of OSC which works only if launched from the terminal

For all the others, if you still have days left before the end of the license check I suggest to just wait for the new official release of OSC which will fix the issue for everyone and that should come in the next days


i’ve updated to release v1.10.2
(Changelog: bug fixes>> certificate expiration issue)

But still i have serious problems, after launch OSC, i noticed that my certificate it was deactivated, i clicked to activate it…2-3 times because it doesn’t work. After that, in the next round a message says something about i exceeded the number of activations, and now i have nothing, NO FLOW…nothing.
What i should to do, Marco?

Hello everyone,

happy to share that the issue is now fixed with the latest version of OSC that you can download here


Although in most of the case the license will be renewed without actions, for some the process to reactivate it is to first press the button “Reset” and the “Activate”

Thanks to Emmanuel from OSC for fixing this that quickly :slight_smile:
do not hesitate to follow his forum

I confirm that doing the “reset” first, and after “Activate”, it works to me.

i suggest to backup the folders in C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming

to keep all the setups in OSC…just in case.

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Hi Marco:
I’m reporting a VERY annoying bug in last version of OSC …at least in my case, i don’t know if this happens to all.
OSC “forgot” the flow setup everytime i load it…after re -configurate everything, the next time i load OSC, all the fields in OSC are empty…i think i’ll come back to previous versions.
I’m using 1.10.2

NOTE: my solution for now was make “read only” the “config.json” file in C:\Users%\AppData\Roaming\open-stage-control\Config

Hi Jaime

Indeed I noticed the same, you can save the confit file and recall it easily
However would be great to post this in the osc forum to let him know and fix it


I posted this issue on github.

[Bug] json.config empty after closing OSC (1.10.2) · Issue #754 · jean-emmanuel/open-stage-control (github.com)

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Fixed in 1.10.3. :slight_smile:

Release v1.10.3 · jean-emmanuel/open-stage-control (github.com)

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