[CLOSED] Articulations not showing in Flow OSC

Hey. I have everything setup and its all working accept the articulations window. I select a track in Cubase but nothing shows up in the articulation page. The green button is enabling the instrument in Vienna so that part works. But there is just no articulation information. I am using BBCSO Pro. So do the articulations need to be Key Switch or Program Change?

Im sure this is an easy one. I hope LOL

Hi kenny:
Is Program Change, in Cubase expression maps setup. You need to load the corresponding BBCSO Pro expression maps, and also the BBCSO Pro Flow expressionMaps copied in working Flow data folder. Aniway this is explained in the manual.

Thank you. The expression maps are loaded into cubase and I do see that the flow+ folder does have those articulations loaded. I read through the manual but I didnt see anything that referenced this can you tell me the page number or how to find this?


Thanks Jaime. I check this out tonight.