Articulations lost and slow reactions time

Hi, I am having problems working with Flow+ The articulations are not showing up anymore and the whole system is super slow. Here is a quick screen cast for whats happening.

Hi Richard,
articulations not showing up can be that the midi sends is missing in cubase, this happens if once you opened cubase and you got a message that some ports were missing and you saved without selecting the right ports.
To check this can you post a picture of your midi sends section of the inspector while selecting a MIDI track?

Also, which version of Flow+ and OSC are you using? there was an important upgrade recently requiring to update both.

On the performances, this depends on your machine and how cubase is reactive to the macros, in some setup it can be very quick (around 2 sec to fold or unfold all) in others can be slower but it does not depend from Flow, Flow just sends an midi message, what is slow is the reaction time of Cubase.
What can help here is to have a smaller generic remote and set of logical editors, maybe if you tell me which libraries you are using I can send you a tailored version of those mapped to only your libraries and see if it improves.
Of course other ways to improve would require having a faster PC, but that is not an easy one to do :slight_smile:

In any case the value of Flow is in its interaction with Cubase and Vienna, centralizing all in one interface, if it takes long to fold / unfold this is something you are not going to do all the time so it should not affect too much the workflow, is it not?

And another thing, reducing the number of tracks is another way to make it faster, have you already removed the not used libraries from the template?

Hey, Thanks for the reply.
Screenshot 2022-11-29 at 19.29.05

OSCv 1.17
Cubase Pro 11.0.41

About the speed, I have not deleted unnecessary libraries yet. Ill do that as the next step.

Any Ideas as to what the problem may be?

I have done a full reinstall for Flow+ being careful to address each step. My problem still remains.

Hi Richard,
last things you could check before we organize a call section

  • are the midi channels active?
  • do you see any error in the Open Stage Control Server log area?
    • if yes can you send it?


Hi Marco, So after the full reinstall and a restart the following day, I was able to map midi posts and everything worked. The midi sends Transformer was set to flow-main-in and OSC was reacting as expected. I then started to remove libraries and tracks from VEP and Cubase as instructed in the documentation and now the midi sends Transformer was set to flow-main-out and I can’t find where to change this. OSC is not working like before.
Is there a way of spamming the midi ports manually?

Attached is a screen shot of the active midi ports.

There are no errors on the OSC log.

Any assists on this?
My MIDI sends Transformer are all set to flow-main-out and I have no idea how to change them to flow-main-in.

hi Richard,
better to plan a screen casting session
i will contact you via email

Thank you Marco, Let me know when suites you best.