Anyone tried AI to create json(Track), xml(Generic Remote and Project Logic Editor)

Has anyone else tried AI to create *.json (Track), *.xml (Generic Remote and Project Logic Editor) files yet? Any suggestions for how that might work? Seems like it would work.
I am going to give it a try using a spread sheet I was working on anyway.

Yes, once the spread sheet data is set up the json object is created. I then save it to the tracks folder. Started looking at the PLE and generic remote code which is a bit more complex. Has anyone else tied this?

So here is an example of the prompt I am using to make .json Track files copied from a spread sheet. I’m not sure about the order number. Just doing them consecutively. The instrumentRef needs to be edited once it is copied to an editor until I find a better way. Any thoughts?
{ “ 12_000_028 “: { “id”: Copy id from dawTrackName and put an underscore between words “name”: Copy name from dawTrackName and remove the libraryRef and the folderRef (bfl).EODB 2 Trombones EXP KS “libraryRef”: Copy libraryRef from dawTrackName and remove everything but the first four capital letters “EODB” “folderRef”: " Copy folderRef from dawTrackName and remove everything but the parentheses and the text within the parentheses “order”: Put the order number in quotation marks 303010048 “micsRef”: [ “CC23M_MAIN”, “CC22M_CLOSE”, “CC27M_MID”, “CC24M_SURROUND” ] “fadersRef”: [ “CC1_DYNAMICS” “CC11_EXPRESSION” “CC19_RELEASE" “CC18_ATTACK” ] “instrumentsRef”: [ Copy instrumentRef from dawTrackName using the first letter followed by a period and then using the words and numbers ] “midiEvents”: { “SHOW”: { “host”: “midi” “port”: “flow2” “address”: “KEY_PRESSURE” “channel”: 12 “value1": 28 “version”: “1.0.0” “copyright”: “” } } “version”: “1.0.0” “copyright”: “” } }

So that worked out and got 70 odd json files created relatively quickly
Diving into the Project Logical editor code proved to be fruitless and beyond my comprehension as well as ChatGTP’s as far as I can tell.
The code is proprietary (if that’s the right word) to Cubase
Still trying to get a grasp on the generic remote code. It looks do-able but I didn’t want to spend the time so I went with the normal way of adding the data. So now its time to work on the Expression maps.
BTW I’m doing the East West Opus Keyswitch instruments

This is awesome!
did it work?

Yes, but just the json files.