Adding New Library Track or Rack Pros and Cons & Proceedure Differences


I notice the new Libraries included with the Flow+ latest update are in Instrument Tracks instead of Racks. Does this make updating with custom Libraries easier? What are the pros and cons for using Instrument Tracks?

Is there any difference in the procedure if you create an Instrument Track instead of a Rack?


Hi Paul

there is no functional difference, but they are quite easier to merge into an existing project

check this post here where I explain how to do it

Thanks for the reply. I should clarify. I’m talking about adding a library not included in the template. The tutorial video shows how to add a new library using a VST rack. I tried that just to get the practice of setting up a new library and getting the Javascript right.
In order to keep flow modular a VST Instrument track would be better, right?
I thought there might be a difference in setting up a VST Instrument Track as opposed to a VST rack.
So I am trying it and there is only a difference in the naming where it seems like the renamed VST shows up in the name on the output track ie., 1&2. So instead of Violin 1 you have the VST name like “Strings-11 Vienna Ensemble Pro 11”. I think I just renamed output track 1&2 in the mixer to fix the name to Violin 1. Also, there seems to be a naming convention where you added a letter in parenthesis followed by a period, in this case (s). for strings, to the new libraries name, which I did to copy the convention used in your VST Instrument Tracks, but I’m not sure what it does. I haven’t gotten to the javascript yet. So far everything else is the same?

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Hi Paul,

yes everything is the same except that I tend to not use the midi port 1 and the audio output 1/2 which are reserved the the instrument track.
If you just apply those two things then the rest is perfectly the same