How to customize Flow Part I documentation

Hi all

I know you are waiting for this, and so here is the first part explaining how to customize Flow 2.

In this video I am explaining how to remove libraries from the full template, and I explain how to use the folder data by library in the flow template package.

Here is the documentation

and this is the video that goes with it


Very nice. I’ve just saw the video and as discussed earlier in the forum, is very straigthforward, easy and fast!

Marco, the part 2 will be about how add libraries to Flow2?


Hey Marco, great stuff! Very good video that is easy to follow.

I’ve got a question. I don’t own the ixl brass library yet, but it’s on my to buy list. Should I keep this library in the template or is it possible to add the library later again?

Keep it up!

Hi Jaime,
the full documentation will be ready by the end of the month, next parts will be a series of videos covering in depth

  • how to merge two projects
  • how to add folders
  • how to add libraries
  • how to add instruments
  • how to add tracks
  • how to add macros

Thanks Alex,
yes better keep it, specially if you are going to make modifications.

Unfortunately there is no easy way to merge two Cubase projects, I have been trying several options… you an import back the tracks but still you will miss all the input configuration, rack setup, output, expression maps and mixer in Cubase


Hi Marco,

I just started customizing my Flow 2 template and read/watched your guide on how to remove libraries. Am I right to assume that the removing process can be “flipped over”, meaning removing single libraries instead of removing everything except for…?

For example, I don’t have Hans Zimmer Strings and probably will never buy it. So if I want to remove them from the template I can simply remove the MIDI tracks, VEP instance, Cubase rack, as well as the SHZS-l.json file?

Maybe this is obvious for everyone else, but I wanted to make sure not to mess up the template, so I thought I’d better ask :sweat_smile:

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Hi Stepan

in the end removing a single library is the same process as shown in the video, where you will have to hide everything except the track you want to remove :slight_smile:

does it make sense?

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Yes, just wanted to make sure - thanks! :slight_smile:

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