How to add libraries in Cubase and Vienna

Hi All,
just published this documentation and video explaining in detail what to do to add libraries in Vienna and Cubase.
Next one will start to explain in detail how to extend Flow +

Here is the video

Enjoy :slight_smile:

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Superb! :slight_smile: Looking forward to the flow+ side video.

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Great !
Is it also possible to add Instrument tracks within Cubase to extend the template without having to add anything in Vienna ? If yes then a hybrid approach like this would be even better !

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hi Rahul,

sure you can do it, you will just not be able to enable/disable the vienna instrument from flow+

but just do not put too much in Cubase, I noticed in the past that it tends to become unstable, while with external racks it works great!


Is there any instructional video planned regarding such expansions ?
I figure a part 2 is coming up regarding adding new libraries right ?

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you can watch already this one that explains how to add the libraries in cubase and vienna, same would be if you do it only in Vienna

Others will come :slight_smile:

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